What's on Your Facebook Page (that you don't want colleges to know about you)?
Ellen Gray , Editor | Jun 19, 2014
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Are you getting ready to apply to college? You'll probably spend a lot of time getting your application together, gathering letters of recommendation, and working on your college essay. All of that material is important for painting a picture of you so college admissions officers to decide whether you will be selected for their particular college. But have you thought about whether college admissions officers can access other information about you -- and photos of you -- when they are considering whether to accept you to their school. What you reveal about yourself on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms, is more important than you may think. Even if you think certain posts, photos, or deleted tweets are not "public," they still may be accessed by colleges and/or prospective employers.

Interestingly, many (about 75%) high school students appear not to be too concerned about what they would find out about them if colleges did an online search of them, or stalked their social media profiles and posts, according to a recent survey by Kaplan Test Prep. That may be because many teens have already taken steps to safeguard their online information.

According to the Kaplan survey, when asked how they plan to safeguard their online presence, or have already taken action, this is what students said:

21.6% change their searchable name

21.9% change their public profile picture

26.4% untag themselves in photos

12.1% delete their Facebook or other social media accounts

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