Vast Majority of College Applications to Elite Colleges Get Rejected
Ellen Gray , Editor | Jun 20, 2014
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If you’re starting to think about which colleges you will apply to in the Fall, consider this: According to an article in the New York Times, in the 2013-14 application season that recently ended, the top universities rejected approximately 95% of the applications they received. This is partly a factor of the soaring number of applications that these colleges are receiving.

At Stanford University, they received 42,167 applications for the class of 2018, yet they accepted 2,138 prospective students for that class, which ultimately will be comprised of 1,700 freshmen. UCLA doubled the number of applications it received since 2005, and had to turn away 80,000 students for their 6,000 student freshman class. Harvard and Yale accepted 6% of their applicants, Columbia and Princeton 7%, and MIT and University of Chicago 8%. Historically, in previous generations these highly competitive colleges offered admission to about 20% of their applicants.

The high rejection rates are causing students to apply to more and more colleges than ever before. And the college application process is being made easier by the wider use of the Common Application form, which was was accepted by 517 colleges this past year.

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