“Traditional” Students Are No Longer the Norm
Ellen Gray , Editor | Jun 19, 2014
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Preparing to go to college? What path do you expect to take? Do you think it will be a “traditional” path? That is, from high school directly to a 4-year college, choose your major, get an internship, and then a job? You may be surprised to learn that this traditional path is not the norm any more. In fact, what many students are doing may be seen as “non-traditional.”

According to a study by MyEdu, a company that offers online tools to assist college students in managing their academic path and career plans, 37% of college students consider themselves “non-traditional.” Rather than being clear about what academic and career path they are following, over half of students surveyed have switched or considered switching their major due to changing interests and not enjoying the first major they selected. Twenty-two percent (22%) reported that these changes and shifts have caused them to feel anxious and stressed about their future. As a result 39% of students surveyed said they turned to family for help with college and career decision making before turning to academic or career services. Sadly, 6% reported having no one to turn to for help with college and career decisions.

For more details about the survey and its results, read the MyEdu report.

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