Taking Summer Classes? It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Study
Ellen Gray , Editor | Jul 3, 2014
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Whether you failed a class, or you’re trying to get ahead, if you find yourself taking summer classes, it might just be the time to brush up on your study skills – or finally really learn how to study.

Here are 5 “brain-boosting” study tips:

  • -Create (and follow) a specific task-oriented plan (vs. “studying” which is too general for most students)
  • -Disconnect (from social media, texting, etc.), minimize distractions, and focus!
  • -Harness your memory and use whatever memorization techniques you can
  • -Do practice problems, questions, exams
  • -Nourish your brain with healthy food and sleep

Read more details on these study tips, and link to research and articles on studying.

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