Preparing for the Redesigned SAT
Ellen Gray , Editor | Jun 18, 2014
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Getting ready to take the SAT in the Fall? You may have heard that the College Board has redesigned the test, they will not be rolling out the new version of the SAT until Spring of 2016. So, if you are planning to take the SAT before then, the test will not have the new changes.

The main revisions to the redesigned SAT are:

  1. you will not be penalized (that is, points taken off) for wrong answers
  2. the essay is optional

These redesigns will change the strategies students will to guess at answers, for example. For the current test, because points are taken off for wrong answers, many tutors and coaches recommend that test-takers leave the answer blank for questions where they can’t eliminate more than one answer. They encourage students to guess if they can eliminate two answers. For the new test, because guessing will not hurt students’ total score, students will undoubtedly be encouraged to guess more freely.

Since the essay for the new SAT will be optional, test-takers can base their decision to write or not to write the essay on whether the colleges they are applying to require the essay, and how much emphasis they place on the writing component.

The College Board has called the redesigned test “more focused and useful than ever before.” You can find out more about the redesigned test and see some sample questions, but remember you won’t be taking the new SAT yet -- you will be taking the current version of the SAT until Spring of 2016.

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