A New Way to Rank Colleges
to help you find the right college for the right price
Ellen Gray , Editor | Feb 2, 2019
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A New Way to Rank Colleges (to help you find the right college for the right price)

How should colleges be ranked? By prestige? By competitiveness? In these tough economic days where the high cost of a college education had better yield graduates who are prepared to launch successful careers with significant earning power, what criteria should be used to rank colleges?

This week, Money magazine published a list of 665 ranked by 17 factors in 3 major categories:

  1. “Quality of education” (including the college’s 6-year graduation rate, and student-faculty ratio)
  2. “Affordability” (which includes borrowing by students and parents, student-loan default rates, and estimates of the average net price of a degree)
  3. “Outcomes” (includes measures of early- and mid-career earnings, based on data from Payscale.com)

Read more and see Money’s list of colleges as ranked by these criteria. Do you think this is a better way to rank colleges than subjective surveys of a college’s reputation?

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